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These classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate students, who want to practice yoga for everyday fitness, improve their postures and stay regular with their practice.

Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes

Personal or Group Classes

Whether you are too far to attend Yoga Classes regularly or not comfortable following online video tutorials, yoga classes on video calls is a simple solution that would help you keep confident and regular about your practice.

Offline Yoga Classes

Personal Yoga Classes

Offline Classes

Personal Yoga classes help to focus more on personal goals. The class is based on personalized routine keeping in mind your unique goals like strength development, flexibility goals, meditation.

Group Yoga Classes

Offline or Online Classes

Group yoga class has a different energy level, it provides a perfect opportunity to work towards your common fitness goals.

Ad-Hoc Yoga Class

Offline Class

For those who are always on a run and can’t dedicate a fixed schedule to their fitness goals.

Corporate Yoga Classes

Offline / Online

Corporate Yoga Classes

Offline or Online Classes

Yoga classes for corporates to help employees spare some time towards their health.