Shilpa Jain

Great trainer and an amazing person who is patient and non judgmental. Love his sessions.

Arundhathi D

I started randomly checking the Yoga classes when I started thinking of practicing Yoga. During my search in social media I came to know about “Yoga With Ankush”. Since I was in very much-need of Yoga, with confused mind, I joined Yoga class with “Yoga With Ankush”. Must agree the trainer Ankush is a very … Read More

Sushree Sangita Parhi

Can connect very smoothly with entire universe and can feel the fragrance of Yoga with Yoga with Ankush

Joydeepa Chatterjee

He is a well trained yoga teacher. He does a mix of all postures and exercises required for me and my daughter. though she is young but waits for the yoga classes eagerly. I do enjoy his class as he understands my limit and conducts the class accordingly. I have started feeling energetic and started … Read More

Simii Sim Mishra

The best yoga tutor.. and yoga asanas which are very beneficial for body, mind and spirit. and the way he teaches with utmost calmness describing about each and every asanas is best.. he is the best tutor of yoga..

Eutonna Kirk

As a fellow teacher, I really liked the rhythm and tone of Ankush’s teaching voice. It is positive and encouraging even as I was guided through a couple of tougher asanas. Looking forward to taking another class with Ankush.

Natasha Bhalla

Learning Yoga with Ankush is a wonderful experience. Ankush is a very positive person who makes things easier. He always motivates and tries to bring the best out of others. Wish you the best Ankush. You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

Arzita Singh

“Yoga with Ankush” classes are the perfect balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga. He also offers a beautiful explanation of the science and physiology of each pose, which I feel a lot of people, especially men, find helpful. Each practice always seems to be just right. Perhaps this is because Ankush … Read More

Akanksha Narayan

“Ankush is a brilliant teacher.. Anyone who knows him would know about his calm and composed demeanor. He is very knowledgeable and suggests exercises based on ones needs and body conditions. He is my go-to person for all my Yoga related queries .. Hope you all benefit too!”